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Sunday, June 23, 2019

The UK deserves better than Boris Johnson

It looks very likely that the new Prime Minister will be Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, a man of limited talent and vast ambition.

Don't be deceived by the friendly "Boris" facade and handy cabaret turn of buffoonery.

Here is a man who can handle neither the big picture nor the detail. A man who adopts any cause and tramples over whoever gets in his way.

Limited Achievement 

When I think of Johnson I tend to think of:
  • How, on becoming Foreign Secretary, he immediately made the plight of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, held in an Iranian prison, 10 times worse by giving an uninformed comment;
  • His outspokenness, which he brushes off as speaking his mind and saying what others think, such as "Muslim women in burkas 'look like letter boxes'.  Actually Boris, only racist people say things like this.
  • The womanising. He is disparaging of monogamy and has apparently had at least five extra marital flings. As Shadow Minister for the Arts from April 2004 until November 2004, he was sacked after allegedly lying to Michael Howard by denying he had had an affair with Petronella Wyatt, who had an abortion and a miscarriage;
  • Water cannon  (any sort of cannon in fact, particularly loose ones)
The New Statesman says Johnson's record as Mayor of London was average at best.  He is mainly remembered for the cancelled Garden Bridge, the New Routemaster buses and the purchase of two water cannon which (thanks to Theresa May) were never permitted for use.

But let's not forget:
  • The vast, stalled regeneration of Earls Court
  • The halving of the Congestion Charge zone to pacify west London motorists

Does he stand for anything?

As a failed Prime Minister candidate you think he would have had enough time to come up with some compelling policies.  Either he gets his strategies from poorly informed subordinates or he tries to do it himself.  Either way, cutting the tax rate for high earners was never going to be a winner, except among his MP colleagues. Of course, he started back peddling on that during the BBC debate. 

His brand of bluster and Latin is not going to go down well with the EU crew. They will point him to the door as soon as he starts the nonsense about not paying  (so that we can give the money to the NHS? Oh yes, another lie). He is probably incapable of negotiating in a calm and rational way. 

Racist Overtones

The "amusing" outspokenness is a way of giving vent to his racist views.  His overly long winded sentences, laced with Latin are a way of putting people in their place.  Bamboozling them with his dazzling rhetoric.

The UK is tired of having leaders who went to Eton followed by Oxford, where, along the way, Johnson read Classics and indulged in rich boy antics at the ludicrous Bullingdon Club along with David Cameron. We want someone in tune with ordinary people and their ordinary hopes and fears. 

His morals, as the reference to Wyatt, and the subsequent leaving of his wife for Carrie Symonds  (his family won't meet her), are another low light. If there's some skulduggery behind neighbours reporting him for a domestic disturbance at his and Symonds' cosy nest, then I'm rubbing my hands with glee and saying "what goes round....."

Because let's not forget that Johnson and loathsome toad Gavin Williamson have been accused of employing the "Dark Arts" to ensure that MPs voted for Jeremy Hunt instead of Michael Gove, Hunt being seen as an easier candidate to beat.

Frankly this is a slur on Machiavelli because the dark arts involved this time were more reminiscent of those used by the Krays against the likes of Jack The Hat McVitie.  "Vote for Hunt or you'll get your knees capped."

Tory Party members need to do the right thing

It's an understatement to say Tory MPs have not impressed of late. Instead of thinking about the country they stubbornly pursued their own agendas in the Brexit debacle, and got roundly punished in the recent elections.

I was, and am, a staunch Remainer. Yet I am pragmatic. We live in a democracy and must honour the  Referendum result, however unpalatable that may be. An agreement would have sweetened the pill and dialled down the danger of leaving without. But in three years we are no further forward.

The country has been ripped apart thanks to selfish Tory interests.

To see MPs and Conservative members actively supporting a candidate who is so blatantly ill equipped for high office is horribly depressing. Who are these blind idiots?

I don't like Jeremy Hunt's views on abortion but at least he comes across as rational, non-racist and probably a skilled negotiator, having become a millionaire through his own business.

Certainly a better leader for Britain in these depressing times than a philanderer with a record of lying who lashes himself to any cause in order to further his miserable prospects.

We are a great nation and yet we have spent the last thee years squabbling while issues like poverty, knife crime, the treatment of the mentally ill and the disintegration of the NHS go unchecked.

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