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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Apple bobbing for Halloween? Too dangerous

We all love a good story about the excesses of "elf and safety.

This Halloween, there's a warning from Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust that some of the ancient games associated with the pagan festival are dangerous.

Apple bobbing, for example, runs the risk of "a high velocity impact with an apple". Not to mention serious eye injury from unclean water. The recommendation is to wear goggles, disinfect water containers and remove apple debris before dunking your head into the water.

One eye expert even suggests children should remove the apples with their hands, not their mouths, but I can't see much fun in that as a game. I suppose you could play it all year round. "Johnny, please pick up some apples for Mummy," at Sainsbury's each week.

It's not only apple bobbing that is dangerous. Fancy-dress contact lenses come in for attack, as they can cause irritation, and as for lanterns, well, people occasionally hit their head on them.

Take care this Halloween and hopefully enjoy the pagan revels without too much damage!


AnPhibian said...

I'm amazed they didn't mention the numerous high-heel injuries that must occur annually, when fancy-shoe amateurs brave stilettos for costume-related purposes. Practice safe shoes, people!

Maggie May said...

Oh my....... we are being wrapped up in cotton wool. Very soon we won't be able to leave the house because of the danger involved. Everyone knows how dangerous it is to do anything in the home. Maybe we should just sit in an arm chair and do nothing..... but then that is dangerous to our health.LOL!
Maggie X

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