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Saturday, October 23, 2010

John Barrowman - reviewed by Giz

My mum, known to us inexplicably as "Giz," is 77 but in possession of all her faculties plus a great deal of energy. She is social secretary to two or three widows' associations and her social life seems to be a merry blur of coach trips and lunches. She books speakers and is currently booking for 2012 (I am not joking).

Last week she went with three ladies I uncharitably call "the beige set" to see John Barrowman at the Plymouth Pavilions.

My mum always wears bright colours: she says she refuses to merge into the background and be ignored. The Beige Set, however, always wear beige (and not just because it's having a trendy moment.)

Anyway, Giz and I exchanged a flurry of texts after the show. I taught her how to text a few years ago. She has taught most of her friends, athough is very scathing of the one who still writes in capitals all the time. She has a package of 800 texts a month and most of them are to me.

Here is the conversation in verbatim. Remember we were texting, hence the spelling:

Me: How was JB?
Giz: Wonderful. Wot a performer. Audience went mad 4 him. Jodi Prenger 2.
Me: Any screaming?
Giz: Yes loads. Shouting we luv u Jetc. Few stoic men. Kept saying he was gay. Nice being 4 of us cos they r nice ladies.

So there you have it. I've always wondered why it is that older ladies swarm to see John Barrowman and scream, even though it's well known he's gay. Answers on a postcard please.


Anonymous said...

I can understand why women like him, he is very attractive but I have a beef with John Barrowman. I hate the fact that he still "puts on" an American accent. He is from Glasgow and has lived in the UK for the last twenty years. I know he spent about 12 yrs in the states (from the age of 11, when his Glasgwegian accent had already developed) but if I spent 12 yrs in England and then went home for twenty, I would not have my English accent still. Madonna gets a lot of grief over here for still sounding "posh" even though she's been living back here since her break-up. Career or no career, I think it's disingenuous. He can use his native accent in real life and then the Yank one when the role calls for it, like all other actors do. (I'll get off my soap box now.)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some 'beige set' denial to me, I don't think they WANT to believe he's gay - he's very good looking and I like him a lot too. I like Jodie too, I know she wasn't Cameron's choice, but sad to see her relegated to 'dog-picker' on the 'serch for Dorothy' thing. I hope she gets a new lead role in the West End soon, would love to see the pair of them sing.