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Friday, October 22, 2010

Weston-Super-Mare's Pier reopens

Today's good news concerns the pier at Weston-Super-Mare. Two years the pavilion was destroyed by fire, but now it's been rebuilt and will reopen tomorrow.
I've written before about my love of the pier. They are so iconic, so quintissentially British. And usually when they are destroyed by fire or fall into disrepair, they aren't replaced.

Just recently, Hastings Pier was in the news after it was burnt down by arsonists. What is it with these people?
Anyway, back top Weston-Super-Mare, where people are expected to queue overnight to get to be the first to visit the refurbished pier. 
First opened in 1907, the pier is a grade II listed building. More than £39 million has been spent on it.
My earlier story in 2008 about piers, following the destruction of Fleetwood Pier by fire, is here. Join the National Piers Society here.


Anonymous said...

Gail, I wonder why they are so susceptible to fire, or so it seems? (Besides the obvious, made of wood and all.)

BryanB said...

Great news! The Grand Pier isn't "WsM's Pier" though - the town has two piers. (-:

As a schooboy I sometimes hunted at low tide under the Grand Pier for coins that had fallen through the cracks in the floorboards...