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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sell your blog

Now folks, if you want to get lots of hits for your blog, write about Elizabeth Hurley or Carole McGiffin.

I know the ladies may not appear to have much in common, but Google searches for "Elizabeth Hurley Indian wedding" and "Carole McGiffin - naked" frequently drive people to my humble site, although I hasten to add Carole McGiffin was fully clad when I wrote that she'd make a good dinner party guest a few months ago.

Since I started blogging, I've tried most of the tips and tricks to try to build traffic. There are always new blog communities, catalogues and portals being started, and on the whole they're a waste of time. Mybloglog and Britblog are honourable exceptions. Mybloglog is great. It's a bit of a schmooze-fest where you visit other people's blogs, leave positive feedback and join their community. But it's the biggest traffic generator. Britblog is the only directory in the UK that I've found where you can find blogs by their location and subject matter. I've been able to find quite a few local to me.

A few weeks ago I plugged a few sites I've found and enjoy reading. Interestingly, I didn't tell their creators, but they all got back to me saying thanks, so your visits must have shown on their tracking data. Mybloglog has very good visitor data for a modest fee.

One thing I've decided not to subscribe to is the manipulation of Technorati rankings. Bloggers are forever trying to find ways to improve their Technorati ratings. Basically, you need other blogs to link to you. So there are several sites where you can add a whole list of unknown people to your favourites, and lo and behold, their rankings shoot up. I did try it once but nobody seemed to reciprocate. Technorati will lose credibility if this goes on. Surely it's better to attract readers organically through your subject matter?

So here are a few more blogs of note that I've found:
1) Moon's David Bowie Webdream Not surprisingly, a blog about David Bowie - but loosely. There's other musical content too: a recent piece about Freddie Mercury for example.
2) There are a lot of blogs about finding serendipity, enriching your life and so on. Sumangali is a UK writer with a well written, good looking and thought provoking site.
3) One of the few techy sites I read is yack yack. Some good tips and info here.
4) If you like vintage and retro, check out Retro Romance
5) Finally two blogs from former colleagues: Lucy's and Marc's. Happy reading!


meleah rebeccah said...

I found you on mybloglog, yes it is a smzoose fest. It is a great community! There arent enough decent places to meet other bloggers the way you can on mybloglog!


Moonage said...

Thanks for the mention!

And yeah, it's not so much about Bowie as it is about the world of Bowie. That's a lot of people. Next up will probably be Cyndi Lauper for example.

Retro Attic said...

Thanks for the nice comment!

Thomas Hamburger Jnr said...

MyBlogLog works best when it lets you discover - quite unexpectedly, blogs like yours!

Thanks for a fine blog.


the domestic minx said...

I totally agree with organic cultivation. Mybloglog is good fertilizer!!
Thank you for leaving a few delicious sprinkles of schmooze on The Domestic Minx!

I love your blog too! Refreshing, witty and real! xx

robwatts said...

Hi Gail, thanks for the mention here.

Blog referals are always interesting - its a good idea to be well linked to and talk about current news trends and what not. Search engines love new content and current stuff. Its a sure fire way to build traffic and readership. :)

Robin Bal said...

Hey I liked your blog, pretty neat, my first visit here. And yeah Technorati suxx, its 3 weeks they havnt updated my blog and sometimes I get a message that my blog doesnt exist. I am a fan of Robwatts too, he gave me a solution to fix my technorati but its too techy a way for will be back.

Take care and cheers.

Dave said...

Horaah for MyBlogLog!

Sumangali Morhall said...

Hi Gail, thanks for the mention!