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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Big Brother - thank God it's nearly over

As it limps towards the finish post, is this the end of the line for Big Brother? It's been longer this year and even more tedious than last year.

As always, every year I resolve I won't watch it this time. But somehow I succumb. This year, it started the day before the Eurovision Song Contest so I'd gone to my mum's in Devon to watch the songs and it was a no-brainer we would watch BB. Yes, even though I'm near the age of the hapless Susie (and I'm still smarting from the housemates sneering that she was too old to take part), my mum is even older (obviously) and she still watches it too. She even watches Love Island. I couldn't take on two reality series at the same time. Too much of a commitment.

Anyway, back to BB. It's pretty safe to say that Nikki will go back into the main house, so I'm confident to predict the winning order: #1 Pete, #2 Nikki, #3 Glyn, #4 Richard, #5 Aishling. I'm assuming Imogen will be evicted this week. About time! She may be pretty, but soooo dull. I can't believe she's supposed to have a degree. The thing that irks me most about the housemates is their level of intelligence. There's never any interesting debate about anything, or if there is, we don't see it. Some of the tasks show their woeful stupidity. I can't believe how, with so many empty hours stretching before them, they don't have interesting debates about art, literature, sociology....anything!

And I'm with Susie on the swearing. Must be an age thing. I used to think that if (God forbid) I ever ended up in the BB house, I would introduce them to some debate on good food, wine, music, literature, ballet (maybe only with Richard, thinking about it).....but I guess the reality would be that I wouldn't play spin the bottle, the prospect of kissing Glyn being too horrific, and I would drink tea endlessly.

BB used to be a good psychological study. It was fascinating seeing all the misfits trying to interact with each other. But after the first couple of years, they all became wise to performing for the cameras and had tactics to try to win. Mikey, for example, tried to make himself visible in the last fortnight by arguing with everyone. It backfired and he got evicted. That was a magical moment, as was Sezer's eviction. I was so thrilled that the two arrogant muppets were put in their place. Nikki's eviction was a mistake and BB's fault for giving the public too many to choose from. They should have turned it into "you're voting to SAVE...." instead of voting to evict.

Pete used to be endearing but I'm very cynical about his sudden revelations about his mother, the crying and the news that his dad suddenly wants to get in touch. Seems a little manufactured at this stage. I'm not sure why everyone seems so enchanted with Glyn. His whiny voice and constant cries for "foooood" drive me crazy. His poor mum will be dealing with a monster when he gets out.

So, not much longer to endure. I don't even watch it every day now, so tedious has it become. I hereby commit that I will watch the next celebrity version (only 3 weeks long) but next year I may hoist my colours on the good ship Love Island.

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