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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Reminiscences about MyBlogLog

I took a nostalgic look at MyBlogLog today. It used to be a really hot and happening community of bloggers, but since a takeover by Yahoo, I find that many of the members of my "community" have not visited the site since July. They didn't want to have to merge their mybloglog ID with their Yahoo ID. I did do the merge, but I rarely visit the site now. It hasn't got any better functionality or features, and you still can't do a proper search to find current and regularly updated blogs in particular countries.

I felt quite nostalgic as I recalled the names of strangers whose sites I used to visit (and they reciprocated): Lady Banana, Thomas Hamburger Jnr, Personal Trainer, Yack Yack, Retroattic, Rob Watts.

Some of their blogs are still regularly updated. I always enjoy Thomas Hamburger. His comments on Janet Street Porter this week were priceless.

Apart from the camaraderie of fellow bloggers, the site used to deliver great stats on visits to your site. But I hardly ever bother to check lately because Sitemeter does the same job.

Time to check out the latest blogging hotspot. In these transient times, what's hot in the blogosphere today is as dead as the dodo in six months' time.


Anonymous said...

Aww shucks Gail, we miss you! Come on back, we're still here, the party's happening and we have a bunch of cool stuff about to come off the back burner.

Have you seen the About Me widget?

Product Manager, MyBlogLog

Thomas Hamburger Jnr said...

Thank you for endorsing my comments about the effable Janet Street-Porter.

I can only agree with you about MyBlogLog - it's starting to feel altogether a bit clunky now...

All the best for blogging in 2008, Gail.