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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Michael's out - at last

The Apprentice, week 10

Michael Sophocles finally got the boot last night, and I am still pondering on the whereabouts of the flashes of brilliance that Sir Alan seemed to see. I didn't see any, and was so indignant that he wasn't booted out last week that I didn't write my usual critique.

The trouble is, I am growing increasingly weary about this once stellar program. It's fallen into the usual trap engendered by success. The formula is exploited, and I'm sure Sir Alan is being told by the producers to keep certain candidates in because they're good TV. I didn't think Sophocles was even good TV, such was my distaste for the odious little sneak.

Anyway, to summarise last night's task in one sentence: they had to rent out posh cars. Michael had no interest in either the cars or the task, and it showed. Lucinda also reverted to her tearful "I can't do this" mode which we hadn't seen since early on when she couldn't use a PC. Pathetic. Helene, as always, did nothing but gave such a stout defence of her traumatic life at an American company, where they are always making people redundant (I know what she's saying) that Sir Alan kept her on for another week.

Alex had a good week; he managed to sell some car hours. Lee also scraped by with one sale. I don't like Alex. He still bites his lip and his surname is just too irritatingly northern to be taken seriously. "Wotherspoon" indeed. Claire is looking a bit of a dead cert at the moment.

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traceys said...

is it any wonder that this country is in the grip of economic uncertainty, if the apprentice candidates are the best we have to offer? or are they just slightly posher big brother contestants that couldnt find their way to elstree? I understand the bitching/backstabbing and constant desire to appear in control of all things. But surely this needs to be backed up by some substance or talent. With the exception of Claire, there is no-one in this year's batch who is actually employable. I think claire is fully deserving of the prize so far. she has taken SurAlan's advice on board-and actually knows what she is doing and can articulate herself. Unlike helene, who would have done better for herself by driving off into the sunset with the bloke that propositioned her on this weeks show. Personally, I think the whole thing needs a makeover. Swap SurAlan for a tough woman like michelle mone of ultimo, or jacqueline gold. change the tasks - put a minimum age limit on it and condense it into 6 weeks.