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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wayne and Coleen's elegant match

It makes J roll his eyes but I can't resist a celebrity wedding. I couldn't wait to get my hands on OK! magazine, featuring the Rooney nuptials.

Now the nasty old press had already been spreading salacious and jealous rumours: they ate pizza! The Rooney cousins were banned! Coleen bought her friends' dresses so they wouldn't look scruffy!

Well, in case you expected the wedding to be tacky and tasteless, I'm pleased to tell you Coleen does have exquisite taste and it was very elegant and restrained. Unlike some other WAG weddings: the Beckhams for example (remember those thrones?), or Steven Gerrard and Alex Curran. Then there were other z-lister wedding atrocities: Jordan springs to mind.

But Coleen's wedding was charming and stylish. Her dress, by Marchesa, was stunning and there's a wonderful picture of her looking pensive in half shade, showing the gorgeous fan shaped folds of the dress.

The bridesmaids also wore white; the flowers were white and the tables were decorated with white butterflies and flowers. I don't recall any mention of pizza.

The location in Portofino was very romantic and it doesn't look as if rain stopped play (the tabloids were also delighted to point out how it rained and ruined Coleen's shoes).

Coleen's friends and both sets of parents looked good, and so what if Coleen paid for their dresses? These are ordinary people; for once this celebrity couple didn't bow to the OK! pressure by stuffing the church full of z-listers they hardly know. They were surrounded by friends and family, and I think it was a nice gesture for Coleen to let her friends shop in Cricket so they could also feel special on the day.

Wayne wore a light brown suit, as did all the male guests, which looked smart and effective. Both he and Coleen looked genuinely overcome at times and very loving. All in all, despite costing £5m, it looked like a simple old-fashioned wedding, the sort to bring a tear to the eye. Let's hope it lasts, like the marriages of their parents.


lucylastic said...

Well done for putting a positive spin on this Gail - you're right, so much of the press coverage was obviously aimed at causing upset and feeding rumours. I was shocked to read the £5M figure though - this seems outrageous to me - especially in a climate where millions are struggling, starving and dying. I know it opens a whole other debate on the value we place on celebrities and sports people - but a big donation to charity would have helped them silence their critics.


Mo said...

What a gorgeous dress. Nothing prettier than a bride in white.

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70steen said...

Quite agree Gail. I would certainly pay for my friends & family to look great, feel good about themselves on my wedding day if money was no object as it is with W & C. In fact the more I think about I would have paid for everything for my friends from home & family (obviously I wouldn't pay for the celebs)
They are just two 22 year olds from working class backgrounds who are more fortunate than others because of the wealth they have amassed.