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Monday, May 25, 2009

Bank holiday mixed fortunes

That's mixed fortunes as opposed to mixed fancies, a la Blenda Blethyn. For J it was a very good weekend. He ran the Hatfield Oak 10k in a record time and believes the older he gets, the faster he gets. So there's hope for everyone.

It was a good weekend too for the cat. She managed to bag both a mouse and a bird yesterday, although I was a bit distraught to find the blue tit still in its death throes. Both were carefully parcelled up and removed (by me).

It was an OK weekend for me: I did manage to get J to go to a carpet store and, thanks to the fact that I generally make up my mind very quickly when shopping, made the purchase in record time so he didn't have time to start huffing and puffing.

But there was also a lot of toil involved: tidying, ironing, shopping, hoovering. Buying and planting some goodies for the garden. Clearing out the spare room. Trying to find homes for everything that was in the spare room, without the house looking like Steptoe's Yard.

To his credit, J did spend most of yesterday in said spare room installing power sockets. Now he is in "research phase heaven," the most prized state of existence for a man. It's when they've been given the go-ahead to research getting a new electrical appliance, and means he can start surfing the web in earnest and looking at all the reviews. This will hopefully keep him so preoccupied I'll be able to watch Springwatch without a fight.

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