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Monday, September 14, 2009

Different modes of transport

I've been trying out different modes of transport. The Wroughton Science Museum had a Festival of Innovation and we had various gaming and historical attractions in the D4 hangar and a "tent of technology".

The museum specialises in transportation. One of the highlights for me was driving a Sinclair C5. Now around 30 years old and derided in its day, we realised that this electric car was ahead of its time.

I also stepped into the basket of a hot air balloon but we weren't taking off - it was too windy - and I was quite relieved. I look a bit nervous and we were on the ground! I've been up in a glider and a microlight but I'm not keen on heights so I never know how it's going to affect me. I can't bear going over the QEII bridge (I drive in the middle lane so I can't look down) and I won't go on a chair lift, although a cable car is fine.

Also at the show was the Bloodhound SSC model. This remarkable car will eventually go at 1,000 miles an hour. It will soon built and I will be writing more about it in future. Watch this space!

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