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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lurch no longer

There was a strategic inflection point on the shoes front a few weeks ago. I was in central London on a hot day wearing vertiginous wedges and two things happened. 1) I took the wrong turning and ended up walking for 30 minutes. The agony! I had to walk home barefoot; 2) I toppled over on Oxford Street which was extremely embarrassing, as Naomi Campbell will tell you. I leapt up straightaway and walked on as if nothing had happened, but of course a whole group of students were killing themselves laughing.

Providence then struck when I read an article about fold-up flat shoes which have become all the rage for girls to pop in their handbag to wear home after clubbing. They've even started selling them for five pounds a pair from machines in nightclubs.

I duly purchased a pair - very pretty with jewels and in such a cute little bag!

Then I started checking out flat shoes and found there was more to choose from than just ballerinas or brogues. And looking around, I saw that lots of women in London were wearing flats.

I bought a gorgeous sequinned pair and a pair that look very trendy, with an ankle strap and zip. It's a renaissance for my feet and also creates new opportunities with my wardrobe because I can now wear all the pairs of trousers that I had deemed too short. It gives me confidence to know that I could run if I had to. The only drawback is that I myself now seem a little on the short side, but apart from that, I can't recommend the flat life highly enough.

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