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Monday, December 21, 2009


When I become a dictator and ban certain things (among them: celery, goat's cheese, stiletto shoes (have you seen Victoria Beckham's feet?), Troll beads (in fact trolls per se), Uggs, Crocs and other ugly footwear, I will add a few festive specials, namely:
1) Stop the Cavalry, Jona Lewie. I can't tell you how much I detest this tired old song. It's one of three songs that I hate so much, if they come on the radio I have to find another channel. The other two if you're interested are Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison, and Angel, Robbie Williams.
2) Articles "reviewing the year" or even the decade, worse. Who needs it? We were here. It's a cheap trick for easy journalism, along with "top predictions for 2010".
3) Articles on how to make the turkey less dry and tasteless. We only have it once a year so surely we can tolerate it in all its blandness for one day? Even worse, the articles about making creative leftovers with the turkey. Don't buy such a big one!

What are your biggest gripes about Christmas? Oh dear now I've done it - used another cheap journalistic trick myself!

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