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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's snowed a bit, we're not prepared as always, get over it!

I was getting increasingly irritable at the BBC footage from St Pancras station. The reporter was doing his utmost to provoke good natured passengers who had been waiting for hours in the cold.
"What do you think about the way the UK has handled this?" he probed relentlessly, but the charming Europeans refused to give way. "Has it ruined your Christmas?"

Every time a train breaks down, we're told by peevish passengers that the train company should have had space blankets and drinks on board. Well seeing as snow is entirely random, not guaranteed, and hits these islands for, oh, two weeks a year, tops, what about passengers being more prepared instead, on the off chance?

Then there are the airports.Yes they could all invest hugely in snow ploughs and de-icing rigs and goodness knows what else. But there isn't that much money sculling around, is there? Can you imagine if BAA did just that, and then their profits went down and there was no snow. The newspapers would of course have a field day, and start trotting off statistics about the likelihood of snow.

The last thing that really bugs me is when people start talking about Finland and other countries, and how well they prepare. Yes, they have winter tyres, snow chains, the full Monty. But they also know that they WILL get snow for several month. It's a dead cert. So they have to prepare for it. For us it's like a roulette wheel at Las Vegas.

Photos show those people made of sterner stuff, J's friends the Orion Harriers, on their Sunday run through Epping forest.


Anonymous said...

Gail I hope you'll join the conversation over on my Frozen Britain post. There certainly is a lot of stirring the pot going on isn't there? The worst for me was hearing an American at Heathrow whinging about how "if he were in Chicago this would never have happened!" Well, he's not in Chicago is he?

Maddie Grigg said...

Hear hear. I am sick and tired of people whining about side roads not being cleared, the gritters not being out, the schools being closed etc etc. Thankfully, this kind of weather is a rarity in this country. Of course we're not prepared for it, how could we be? It's tough, but at the moment this is just the way it is.

Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

Damn funny. I live in the States where we have a lot of snow, and you are right: investing in the full range of snow removal systems is EXPENSIVE. Even when you have the infrastructure in place, there are still years when it takes a huge chunk out of municipal budgets. And you're right: people will complain no matter what you do.

Maggie May said...

You are right, of course.
If it was a dead cert that we'd have winters like this every year then we would be much more efficient.
It is the unpredictable weather that is the problem.
Have a great Christmas.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Olga said...

Have a wonderful 2011! Best wishes!

Maggie May said...

Happy New Year.
May 2011 be a good year for you.
Maggie X

Nuts in May