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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Respect to Kate Middleton as she doggedly rejects the fashionistas

I wasn't too keen on Kate Middleton at the start. She seemed a bit vapid, too suiting of the "Waity Katie" epithet the press gave her. Even when she did work, her family's business - party "stuff" for kids - seemed very superficial, encouraging the oneupmanship of middle class parents and their infernal party bags.

But, a few months into the engagement, I'm thinking that Kate rocks!

The snooty fashionistas have been dishing out advice. She needs to get a stylist; she should cut her hair; she should stop wearing fascinators, and she should stop wearing knee length black boots. Even Vivienne Westwood stepped in and said Kate wasn't fashionable enough to wear her clothes  (sour grapes if ever I heard them, because she hasn't been invited to design The Dress.)

But Kate has doggedly resisted all this "advice." On her first official appearance last week she not only wore a fascinator, but a coat she had had shortened  (a five year old coat, gasp!) and her favourite knee length boots. She looked happy and serene, not anxious or nervous as most of us would look in such a situation.

I think she will do for the fascinator what Kate Moss has done for the trilby. And who's to say Kate Moss is any more trendy than Kate is, apart from a clutch of bitchy male designers and middle-aged magazine fashion editors?

She has fabulous hair and skin and a great figure, and looks a great advert for the "English Rose." And I loved the way she wore Reiss in her engagement picture. That white dress looked amazing and we would all have thought it was designer if we hadn't been told. The Issa dress she wore for the big announcement was also a great choice. Expensive, but not in the realms of fantasy. And it suits every figure, so replicas have been appearing in the shops and everyone can feel good about it.

I think Kate is going to be a very canny lass. You won't see her splashing the cash on unncessary items like £1,000+ "IT" bags. She will spend money when it's important, like beautiful evening gowns for state occasions, but she will continue to mix designer with high street. I look forward to seeing her style journey evolve, preferably without the help of a "stylist." And Kate, although you don't listen to advice, one word of advice from  me. Don't get too skinny!


Anonymous said...

I think Kate looked fab up in Anglesey - blowing a gale, very cold and still she smiled. I really think she can pull it off - and for once, I think the Royals have done something right - waiting until she and William are both sure they know what they've let themselves in for!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree - I think she looks great. And its wonderful to see a woman who knows her own mind.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Whilst not a fan of unelected establishments I like Kate Middleton. She is refreshingly natural and yes her style is rather lovely. The royal family have come a long way since Diana's day so perhaps she has a chance of surviving the furore that will surrond her. William seems like a terribly nice chap too so perhaps they will have a long and happy marriage.

Re Katy's style, Liz Jones of the Mail did an article on how she would dress her - I could see why Liz no longer edits a fashion magazine. Truly awful choices!

I read your post on dieting - oh yes the perrenial problem of that last stone! Good luck.

Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

I'be been resistant to the wedding hype, and --I'll admit it -- more than a little envious of her glowing, youthful looks, so I've avoided all the Kate coverage. I'm going to give it a second look now, though. I'm pleased and intrigued to hear that she's a little bit of a style rebel, mixing things up in her own way. So now I'll be watching! Thanks for posting.

Maggie May said...

I think she might well be a great asset to the Royal Establishment.
She is obviously happy in her own skin. That is extremely good for everyone.
Lets hope it all works out well, as the Royal family haven't a very good track record beyond the Queen, that is..
Maggie X

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