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Saturday, April 09, 2011

The constancy of a cat (or dog)

This weekend my brother's family is welcoming a tiny kitten, Leo, into their home. And it got me thinking about how having a dog or cat is a delight that never changes. When we had Holly, our first cat, and I was nine, the experience was no different than it was when Molly came along in 2005. Each cat has its own character and personality, but the experience of having a cat is exactly the same.

They don't get stroppy or have an iPhone pressed constantly to their ear, or moan about austerity measures. They don't complain they didn't get a big enough pay rise, or that they're being bullied on Facebook. They just bring us joy and remind us of the simple things. Like basking in the sun, or on top of a warm radiator in the winter.


Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

I had to laugh at this, wistfully. Our last remaining cat passed away last year. She did not go gently into that dark night, and the debt from veterinary expenses outlived her. But she was worth it. And a new kitten is joy, itself.

Olga said...

Every one of your words is absolutely correct. After six years of having a cat, there isn't a single day that we don't delight in his presence. He is very happy too, and pretty soon he is going to start speaking English :)

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