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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh we love a good Grimaldi wedding

I am greatly cheered by the prospect of another Big Fat Royal Wedding, the marriage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco and the statuesque former swimmer Charlene Wittstock.
Everything about the Grimaldis is high drama, fashion and controversy.
Charlene Wittstock, Prince Albert & Princess Stephanie
Why, just a few days ago the bride attempted to do a runner, with a one-way ticket to her homeland of South Africa, after apparently learning about a new indiscretion by her fiance, who already has two illegitimate children.
The palace was even forced to deny this has happened (which means it must have), and Charlene was duly paraded through the streets withj Albert keeping a tight grip on her arm.
We are told she was "persuaded to stay," although the confiscation of her passport may have  had something to do with it.

Monaco is a tiny place noted for tax exiles and described as "a sunny place for shady people" by W Somerset Maugham. But its high profile royals assure the principality of acres of column inches.
My favourite, you will recall, is Princess Stephanie, now 45. She married a former bodyguard but they divorced not long afterwards. She then had another baby and the father has never been revealed (but is believed to be another bodyguard). She has been a gymnast, a swimmingwear designer and a popstar, and has dated, excitingly, acrobats and lion tamers.
It seems she is often at odds with her elder sister Princess Caroline because they're often not pictured together. Let's hope there is an entente cordiale for tomorrow.
I wonder if Caroline's husband, Prince Ernst of Hanover, aka "the fighting prince," will be there? It is rumoured that he and Caroline are more or less separated. Caroline has three wonderfully attractive children. Her eldest daughter very closely resembles the younger Caroline.
The British royal family will be represented by the rather D list Prince Edward and Sophie, although Sophie could surprise us. She has a personal trainer and is experimenting with fashion, so we could be in for a Princess Beatrice style makeover.

The Monaco royal wedding is a two-day affair, tomorrow and Saturday. Can't wait!



400 Wakeups said...

This is high drama and I appreciate you keeping us in the loop!! This sort of news just doesn't make it across the pond, y'know. Please promise to post some photos if Sophie goes all Lady Gaga for the wedding!

Anonymous said...

Ooh Gail, so much intrigue in such a small country - I love a Royal Wedding too - but don't have much time to muster a celebration party - I somehow think the tennis will overshadow it here..........Lucy

Caroline said...

Have very much enjoyed all the coverage of the shenanigans in Monte Carlo - Princess Charlene (which still makes me laugh out loud every time I think about it) looked beautiful, I thought, although not radiantly happy. Stephanie's looking rough as dogs these days, isn't she - mind you, as you mentioned, she's had a very, erm, full life, hasn't she?! Prince Edward looked rather uncomfortable in his white dress uniform, but I thought Sophie was looking rather elegant, and I did like her hat (got to be nice as she's my cousin!) Naomi Campbell's dress was gorgeous and so unusual, she and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden were my favourites of the day.

Kate Cooper said...

It all seems a bit toy-town, can't believe he's going to stop womanising now, and why does she want someone 20years older than herself, I fear the worst.

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