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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Irrationally excited about the dentist

I think I've mentioned before that I've always enjoyed a visit to the dentist. I prefer it far more than going to the hairdresser. All that personal attention, and no need to make conversation!

Well this time next week I will probably be looking like a chipmunk but at least it will be gone. A wretched lower wisdom tooth which has been trying to force its way to the surface for nearly a year.

The funny thing was, I thought I'd had my wisdom teeth out years ago, in the dentist's chair. Like a trooper I came home on the bus on my own and was eating within an hour. I always disparaged those who went to hospital for such a small procedure.

Well, as Mr Ali told me this week, we have upper and lower wisdom teeth. The uppers are the ones removed in the dentist's chair. The lowers, when they have to come out, are generally removed in hospital. In my case, I have a cyst as well and it's all very close to a nerve, so I will be under a general anaesthetic.

I expect I'll be the only patient they've had who's so excited about an op. I'll be asking if I can have the offending molar, so if you're lucky I may treat you to a pic next week!

My mum is coming to stay next weekend and I asked her what the going rate is for the tooth fairy these days, but she muttered something about me being too old for all of that. Next thing she'll be telling me is that Father Christmas doesn't exist.


Caroline said...

Good luck - hope it doesn't hurt too much :-(

That's Not My Age said...

Hello Gail, thanks for commenting on my blog - and pleased meet you! Got to say I prefer the hairdressers. Hope all goes well this week.


400 Wakeups said...

Having just felt the pangs of wisdom teeth poking out of my bottom gums, I SO do not need to read this today. I just keep brushing with my electric toothbrush and hoping for the best...because what I don't need at 33 years old...is extraction of my wisdom teeth. There is not enough Chunky Monkey ice cream in the world....

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