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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

David Bowie: Where Are We Now?

Goodness knows how it was kept a secret, but when millions of Davis Bowie fans woke today they learned that their hero, 66 today, had come out of retirement and issued a single.

Not only that, an album is to follow in March and can be pre-ordered!

Friends will know that David Bowie has been an obsession of mine since I was 12. I've written about him several times on this blog. In 2007, I was worrying why we never heard anything about him.

I've downloaded the single, of course. It is a gentle, dreamy, poignant evocation of Bowie's time in Berlin. The accompanying video shows his face superimposed on the body of a puppet.

There have been rumours for years that Bowie is not in good health. There is something of a farewell about this song and the video, where he seems wistful and almost tearful at times. I just pray that isn't the case.



Trevor Woodford said...

I've been a fan for years myself Gail...ever since the time that I was a trainee sound recordist more years ago that I care to think about...


Mark Tyler said...

I agree about the farewell feel. I wonder if the album will take us through various parts of his career and life. It's the kind of thing he would do I think. Perhaps giving Tin Machine a miss !

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