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Thursday, September 04, 2014

The classy way to marry

I had to smile when I saw that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had finally got married, very quietly. I was thinking of the howls of despair at Grazia magazine and others, who have been speculating for months about the nuptials.

And what a quietly classy affair. Just a few close friends and relatives (sadly, hardly any on Angelina's side) and the children very much involved. Even the wedding dress was "designed" by the children, although Atelier Versace managed to rescue it.

It was nice to see the pictures in Hello and to know that the proceeds had gone to the couple's charitable foundation.

How ostentatious and crass some of the z list weddings now seem: Kim Kardashian's for example, with its white flower wall and staged kiss; goody bags, multiple ceremonies, multiple dresses. And it wasn't as if it was her first wedding. Not to mention the Beckhams, Elizabeth Hurley and Katie Price (lost count of the number of weddings there). Let's hope the Brangelina Nuptials signal the end to weddings which simply try to outdo everyone else's.



FellBound said...

Found your blog by complete chance. Very interesting! I'm horrified by the amount many seem to spend on weddings - for many young couples the reception would be more than the cost of a house deposit. I remarried a couple of years back. Our reception was held on a private charter of a Victorian steamer on beautiful Ullswater in the Lake District. £600 plus sandwiches, cakes and some fizz. Then we took just immediate family out for an evening meal. Lovely!

Maggie May said...

Well lets hope they stay married. So many don't.
All the hype that surrounds *famous* people probably causes a lot of stress. Maybe couples get bored with each other. I suppose when you have masses of money, then you can buy you way in or out of anything.
I like stability!
Maggie x

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