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Thursday, March 22, 2007

My favourite blogs

"Millions of blogs out there, some of them must be good" is a quote I've seen somewhere. I've been reading my way through the world's blogs, within reason, having become a member of various blogging communities like fuelmyblog , and the excellent mybloglog.

I imagine what we like in a blog is very subjective. I tend to only read blogs from the UK and USA, although I would love to find a well written blog about life in Japan for example. I like blogs which are well designed, where you don't have to click on links to view the content. Pretty photos are good - I should do more of this myself. I like blogs where the writer's voice and spirit comes through, OR blogs that tell you things you didn't already know. Quirky blogs.

So in no particular order, here are some of the blogs I've discovered, and the reasons why I like them:

1.The Slim Blue Line. This is the blog of a UK policewoman. Revealing and no holds barred, it's a valuable glimpse into a tough job. Disheartening sometimes to read about the chauvinistic attitudes that still prevail. Her latest entry is about the dilemmas of dealing with domestic violence.
2. This is fun. David Bale writes novels in 299 words. Character, conflict, emotional impact. And sentences! Everything you want in a novel, without one extra syllable.
3. Janey Godley is a Scottish stand-up comic, actor and playwright. Her blog is a good example of the personality of the writer shining through. She comes across as funny and feisty.
4. Very useful for my job is this blog about branding. Always something interesting to read.It's promoting a company, but in a very positive way because the entries showcase their expertise. Very clever.
5. Lots of blogs offer a free service. I like this one from designer Dave Richards in New York that offers e-cards and ideas on how to keep in touch with friends. Nice, because with our busy lives it's easy to lose touch with friends.
6. Blogging has become mass media, and big companies have set up blogs, some of them coming unstuck because they attempted to deceive their readers. The Kodak "Ink Is It" blog is a great example of how companies can use the blogging genre and provide value and fun to their readers and not just a promotional platform. It uses two kooky characters who love ink, and it's very quirky and well done.

So that's a few of mine. I'd love to see some of your faves.


Derrick Daye said...


Thank you for the recognition! Please keep your visits and compliments coming. :) Derrick

davidbdale said...

Why, thank you, Gail!

I had no idea you were thinking such nice thoughts about me. I just found a beautiful site myself this morning, for fans of REALLY short storytelling. Just three panels of text and photos, but they pack in a lot of meaning and humor. It's called A Softer World. Find it on my blogroll! (David B Dale)

Sarah said...

Thank you so much,


Max said...

Thanks Gail - Happy printing from

Dave Richards said...

Hiii Gail,

Thank you so much for featuring my blog on your post. I am really sorry cause I took a little time to go through all the blogs that my friends in mybloglog author. I really appreciate your initiative to feature some of the bloggers. Thats a great source of encouragement too.


Dave Richards

Anonymous said...

have you tried some of the Dog Blogs. very clever, very witty, although you perhaps have to be a dog lover.

My favourite, which I follow regularly, is

I drop in on his blog now and again, then I take a look at the links "Marvin's Paw Pals" in the side bar, and there they all are, all over the world, dogs chatting to one another. Quite a laugh!

Just an idea for you to see what other sorts of blogs are out there.

I found it by accident, clicking on Next Blog etc. Now I am addicted to the Braveheart Scottish Hollow Hound! A Blog Admirer

Anonymous said...

forgot to add, he gets lots of comments too! Many more than most of us ordinary bloggers could wish for!


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