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Friday, March 30, 2007

You've got to read this

One of the funniest books I've read for a long time is "Who moved my BlackBerry?" by Martin Lukes and Lucy Kellaway. It's about the hapless marketing director of the UK subsidiary of a US multinational. In David Brent (The Office)v vein it covers a year in the life of marketing director at A-B Global (UK), Martin Lukes, through a series of emails, texts and messages "sent from my Wireless BlackBerry hand-held." It's just tooo funny. I was laughing out loud on the plane as I read it.

The intro from Martin Lukes is a good opener to what you can exepect: "In your hands is a highly unique book, which pushes the envelope literature-wise. As you will see, it is a 120 per cent honest account of a year of my life - a phenomenal year of personal progress, corporate scandal and marital drama.

It not only chronicles my promotion to one of the foremost executive positions globally, but is also a profound journey of personal learning, aided and abetted by my coach, Pandora.

"I am often asked why I want to share my deeply private philosophies with such a wide audience. I always say, it is because I am passionate about learning. I have grown from my own mistakes, both in the professional space and the personal one, and I believe that there are many key takeaways for you here too. "Who Moved My BlackBerry[trademark]?" is a creovative[trademark] work - to use a phrase of mine that has now entered the business lingo. I anticipate it will be the must-read of 2005. All my very bestest, Martin."

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