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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Katie Slapper gets her comeuppance

Wasn't last night's episode of The Apprentice gripping? You could practically read the thought processes as Katie, red in the face, realised the game was up and had to stand down.

The only unfortunate aspect, to me, is that she'd made the final and will probably think she would have won - had she not graciously stepped aside.

It was pretty obvious that Katie was simply there to win the game, not to do the job. She was still denying this on TV today, but Katie, sorry, you're exposed by the fact you didn't even bother to read up on Sir Alan and his companies. If you'd done so, you would have realised he doesn't have an office in Exeter, Bournemouth or any other place where your family and helpers live, and a relocation to Brentwood was inevitable.

It's also obvious that Katie has created a brand, herself as monster, to get some notoriety. She'll be briefly in the public eye as a symbol of slapperdom, ruthlessness, whatever. But she'll then sink like a stone and she'll probably find her colleagues and friends a little more wary of her.

Last night's "The Apprentice You're Fired" programme was also excellent simply for the spectacle of successful businesswoman Michelle Mone giving Katie a piece of her mind. "I would nae employ ye," declared Michelle, the Scottish founder of Ultimo. Katie was unphased and gave some sardonic reply about being glad that Michelle represents public opinion. Michelle snapped back that Katie had too high an opinion of herself and if she was really as successful as she makes out, why was she not sitting in her seat? Priceless.

A few years ago I emailed Michelle Mone with a new business suggestion. I suggested that Ultimo start selling good-looking support lingerie. Not their backless bodies, but waist cinchers and "big pants." At that time, I was way ahead of Gok Wan (How to Look Good Naked) and she could have gained a big competitive advantage by grabbing this potentially huge - in more ways than one - market. But I didn't even get a reply. Not very entrepreneurial, Ms Mone, eh?


Anonymous said...

Katie was fantastic - How could you laugh at her? She was so open with her views, never pessimistic (unlike that negative Adam Hosker), and her IQ should have been a passport to Mensa!!! Michelle Mone on the other hand, well i can hardly bother to waste my time writing about such a revolting, sardonic big-head - It doesn't take a genius to work out that she can hardly add two and two together, she is a heartless, spineless backstabber who's range of vocabulary ranges from "fire in ya belly" to "fire in ya belly" to "fire in ya belly" (really broad isn't it). Mone was blatantly just jealous that Katie is cleverer than her, much more sophisticated than her, more honest than her, has a gold card for BA, is much more upper-class than that cynical simpleton, and has an accent that Mone can only dream of!!!

Leave Katie alone, because one day you too will get your comeuppance you slapper!!!

Anonymous said...

From the same anonymous blogger -

The perfect day for Katie and myself would involve something to do with Michelle Mone hanging herself with one of her chavvy, lower-class bras which i wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole!!!

Anonymous said...

From someone who likes eurovision, ime not supprised you have posted such remarks about Katie on the internet.
How can you admire a women such as Michelle Mone. The other anonymous blogger has hit the nail on the head when they say that Mone is just jealous of Katie's class - she shouldn't have been allowed into BBC studios that daughter of a horse (ime talking about Mone).
Besides if you like Mone more than Katie, ime guessing that your house in London is not in Kensington or Highgate! More probably and ex-council flat near arsenal. And Mone - she's more nouveau-riche than 'Sir' Alan and i daresay she still prefers football, beer and pop tarts to Henley, Pimm's and poached quails egg on toast

Nudge said...

in reply to the posts above - what a load of nonsense. Katie is an odious, homewrecking slapper of dubious business skills and delusions of her own self importance. Admittedly balsy but with no ambition but to get her face on the tv. to the original blogger - total reconstituded drivel followed by sour grapes about michell mone ignoring your daft suggestion. Ms mone was too busy raking the cash in to respond sweetie!