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Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Underrated Mr Almond

You know how, when you're in a hotel in Europe, you find yourself glued to the BBC World Service because it's either that or CNN? Well, in Cyprus recently, I found myself watching an interview on the World Service with Marc Almond. And I thought: what a nice guy. He was very candid and very likeable. Not at all starry.

When he was in his heyday with hits "Tainted Love" and "Say Hello Wave Goodbye" I wasn't wild about him. I quite liked those songs, but I wasn't a fan. I didn't check out his music or concerts. Then a couple of years ago I came across a greatest hits compilation and I was amazed at the purity of his voice. The most amazing voice, such clear diction you can hear every word. You can really sense heartache, joy or whatever emotion is relevant about each song.

I've just downloaded his latest album, "Stardom Road," which is a collection of cover versions but each uniquely done. I particularly like his version of "London Boys," one of David Bowie's little known early songs.

A very under-rated artist in my humble opinion.

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David said...

really liked your blog about Marc Almond- an underrated artist indeed! His 50th birthday concert in London in July was sensational.

also liked your blog on Germaine Greer's Diana article... think I'll add your blog to my favourites :-)

you can find me at

look forward to reading you again