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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sorry Brian

I must have put a hex on Brian Capron with my prediction that he would do well in Strictly Come Dancing. Ejected after the first show! And what a shame for Karen Hardy, last year's winner.

I do believe, and I'm not the only one (muttered darkly), that Brian was unfairly evicted. He was a better dancer than "Desperate Dan" Kenny Logan, who lummoxed around the dance floor like Nelson's Column on castors. However, I believe he was saved because of the corny couple storyline that they're determined to milk for as long as possible: the rivalry, the jealousy, yawn yawn.

The Logans do nothing for me: I can never bear the overly ambitious female sportswomen who "have" to win. I'm afraid I was already prejudiced about Gaby simply by the fact that she "had" to lose her baby weight super fast and then write a book about it, just to make ordinary mothers feel bad.

Poor old Stephanie Beacham was the only lady not to have any comments made after the group dance. Or, as John put it, "the old bag is the only one no-one's mentioned."
She was briefly seen carping at Kelly Brook in a manner that could only be interpreted as bitchy and jealous. Stephanie, if you want to win some votes, the Carringtons are a bit old hat these days.

After seeing "Take Two" last night, I'm now backing as no 1 Penny Lancaster. She seems really nice too. Nothing to dislike there. And having Rod and a few stepchildren in the audience can't do any harm. He isn't creepy like Billy Zane.

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