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Monday, October 01, 2007

UK warms to home cooking?

A story in today's Times made my heart leap. Well, two stories actually. Steady!! I must say that switching to the Times has done wonders for my blood pressure. They genuinely do have the odd good news story.

Anyway. "Mothers warm to home cooking" was one story that made me joyful. Apparently all the shock TV and newspaper reports about soaring levels of obesity have at last led to a rise in the number of women cooking from scratch.

But it's probably a bit premature to hang out the bunting. The survey was carried out by RaisingKids, a parenting website apparently, so I would imagine that its readers are far more well disposed towards healthy eating messages and doing the right thing for their kids than the general population. The organisation claims that the response of 2,500 is an accurate reflection of the views of the UK in general. If so, that's good: I had begun to fear that people were completely impervious to messages about children dying before their parents and so on.

The other good news today, which is widely reported, is that the smoking age has risen from 16 to 18. I don't suppose it will stop many kids from getting their hands on ciggies (I doubt if the shops will ask for proof of age) but it's a start, and following on from the ban in public places, a very useful start. In 50 years' time we'll look back on smoking as some strange antiquity. Having seen my dad die of emphysema, I can't wait to see smoking banned once and for all.

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