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Friday, November 16, 2007

Kenny to go

I wasn't too good at predicting the Strictly Come Dancing results last week so let's hope I return to form this weekend! I'm expecting John Barnes and Kenny Logan to be in the dance-off. Barnesey has to do the tango, and it's not a natural dance for him. He likes to move around, not be constrained. Kenny, well, he's generally very bad anyway. In the dance-off, the judges are bound to favour Barnsey again as they think he's got more natural rhythm than Kenny (but so would a donkey, frankly).
And what of Ms Garraway? Well, it's a no-brainer that she will get the worst score, but I think the public is going for the long haul here and she may get through again. I'm even starting to think of her as a finist. She's doing a paso, and it looks as if Anton will try to grip her in iron hold the entire dance. She's unlikely to display any of the drama or contrast needed.
I'm expecting the best performance from Kelly, in the jive; an OK performance from Letitia, and second best performance from Alesha (waltz). I think Matt will score over 30. Gethin may struggle with the rumba - they all do. He's had difficulty expressing an emotional bond with Camilla and I'm not sure he'll pull it off.

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Nice Legs said...

you are hard on the blokes, they started from '2 left feet', 'pigeoned toed', 'can't hear the beat' land, at least after 5 weeks they can all hear the music..., and they all love what they are doing now.
The gels on the other hand have mostly had some dancing background, they are certainly all drama queens, the question is have the advanced as far as the men?
The Kate Garraway (sour puss) has all the blokes dancing attributes with 'keeps falling over' added in to the mix - what chance has she got?
So, its amusing the the GMTV watching public keep voting her up (cause surely no one watching Strictly is doing it?) but it will end soon for her - this week I say. She's in a class of her own for drop zone potential the judges will still be marking her on points like did she lose balance?, forget the dance?, lose her grip? whereas the blokes have to beware of dropping a shoulder! (a seriously useful move in sporting terms).
So, out she goes, in a dance off with the gurner, the 2 biggest drama queens... thats my take.