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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sadly deluded

If having to pay £3,500 each to nationalise the Northern Rock bank wasn't enough for the taxpayer to bear, the grim fiscal reality surrounding the Diana Inquest now becomes clear. This inquest, and all the other inquiries before it, is costing is millions and why? Because somehow we were influenced by the deluded ramblings of Mohamed Al Fayed.

I've always said that the inquest is a complete waste of time and money: that he and his tedious supporters will always claim a whitewash, a cover-up, no matter what its conclusions are. But now we see for ourselves, after his evidence, how flimsy is the case on which all this conspiracy nonsense stands. So why in God's name did it ever go this far, with barristers haemorrhaging cash (ours) every minute of the inquest?

Who wasn't implicated by Al Fayed yesterday? Tony Blair, Diana's sister, Dominic Lawson, the late Robin Cook.....the French government....How about Scooby Doo and Herr Flick? Ridiculous flights of fancy, surely the result of madness.

This whole thing should be stopped NOW. Let the woman rest in peace and let's stop all this rubbish about pregnancies, babies, conspiracies and so on. Utter tosh!


lucylastic said...

Hear Hear!!! It beggars belief that the inquest has been allowed to be so widely reported and that, subsequently, key figures, (I'm thinking Paul Burrell here) have admitted that they lied during testimony.........I hear Al_fayed claiming that he had never told a lie in his life.........the man needs help - but we shouldn't be paying for it. Stop it now!!! Lucy

Anonymous said...

well put! and not even a hint of "disgusted" from tunbrdge wells.

listening to al fayed was utterly unbelievable, utterly compelling and just bloddy hilarious - just like the scooby doo and herr flick comments!

Bill said...

Hearty concurrences, my dear! You are obviously a woman who tells it like it is!