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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lucinda gets a stay of execution

The Apprentice
Ever since we first saw Lucinda, looking as if she was going to a wedding in a pink coat and hat, I knew she would not be progressing. As the challenges unfolded, poor Lucinda seemed completely miscast, unable to do sales, unable to use a PC. Was there anything she could do?

Well, last night we learnt that Lucinda can manage. And God knows,it's a rare enough skill among the rest of the candidates. She was calm, organised and managed to motivate her team. She made sure that she had a #2, allegedly with sales expertise, who was Lindi. Lindi went off with Raef and Jennifer to pre-qualify leads and attend the sales meetings.

It was clear as the programme progressed that Lindi and Jennifer were being set up for ultimate disgrace and failure. They were constantly crowing about what a great team they were and how they were on a roll. So it was quite amusing to find that they'd lost, and that three of their meetings were with firms who had their own ice-cream maker (the challenge was to supply a new range of ice creams to London).

Claire, she of the meaty arms, was very lucky to win the challenge, given that she and her sub-team were utter flakes when it came to pre-qualifying leads and setting up sales meetings.

With Claire's victorious team out of the way, it was easy enough to see that risk assessor Lucinda was actually at no risk of being fired. Cruel, chilly Jennifer and dozy, naive Lindi were definitely in the firing line. Jennifer remained because she (allegedly) has sales expertise, although that it debatable given her predilection to give exclusivity deals on a whim.

Of the rest of the candidates, Raef showed remarkable restraint and was lucky to emerge unscathed after being tethered to Lindi and Jennifer. Lee is beginning to show some class. "Hoorah" I thought, as he spoke up for Lucinda. Most unlike treacherous sneak Alex, who had views about Claire's mananagement style but was too cowardly to air them.

The other candidate who stands out for the wrong reasons is Helene, a fierce, rude woman who quite obviously lies. I have to believe Lucinda, and not Helene, when she said that Helene had called Jennifer a snake in the grass. I bet she did!

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tracey said...

i totally agree. I think SAS was right when he said that Lucinda had blossomed in this task. She was calm and collected, and actually tried to motivate people -rather than stab them in the back. Yet again, I thought the episode showed a woeful lack of ability to negotiate. Fair enough - offer exclusivity - but only tied to a volume deal-surely? are people really that naiive? Am loving Lee.Very easy on the eye and seems like a real man. Yet again -the northern bullies were out in force.Helene and that awful red haired woman need to spend an hour on the phones with Childline to understand how debilitating bullying can be. horrid people.
I think Claire could go far now she has mellowed out a bit,which is why I reckon SAS gave her such a rollocking last week.
Nick and Margaret seem to be more visible and vocal this week - which I am loving. Althuogh the format is a bit tired and needs refreshing - its still unmissable. My advice would be for SAS to step down for the next series, and bring on Michelle Mone to fill his shoes- that would be interesting!