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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Squirrel bites blogger

While idling through the cemetery recently (one of my interests, a somewhat ghoulish one, is reading gravestone inscriptions), I noticed the squirrels were quite tame. They would come right up to you looking for nuts.

So today I press ganged J into visiting the cemetery again, this time with a camera and some nuts stolen from our bird feeder.

There were squirrels hopping about all over the place, and as soon as you crouch down and rustle, they come leaping towards you.

Now I never had much time for the grey squirrels which forced our indigenous red species into near extinction, but when begging for a nut on hind legs, they are quite sweet.

Until they bite that is.

Holding out some nuts, one squirrel attempted to liberate one from my hand but instead nibbled my finger. Owww!

Another point of interest about Chingford cemetery: we found several graves for the Krays: Reginald and Ronnie and their mother Violet.

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