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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Jade chosen to represent UK in Eurovision

I am a diehard Eurovision fan, as readers of this blog will know. I know the music is dire but it's the irony I like; the fact this is the only competition that unites Europe (in a very broad geographical sense) and the wonderfully kitsch performances.

But even I, a diehard, couldn't contemplate several weeks of "choosing" the UK's entry from the lacklustre bunch of contestants we were faced with. In week one it was clear that Jade from East London (not to be confused with Jade Goody) was the only one with any originality or talent, so I didn't watch it again until the final last night.

Fortunately the vote for Jade came through. I was fearing "The Twins," a pair of blondes whose calling card was to cry at any opportunity, would somehow win. Their rendition of the chosen song, Andrew Lloyd-Webber's "It's My Time," was actually the best, I thought, but The Twins would probably have bombed horribly in that colossal arena in Moscow. So it's with relief that Jade flies the flag: she is still very young but she's an embryonic Shirley Bassey.

Just for you Melissa here is the chosen song. May it do well!

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