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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eggcellent news -or is it?

I don't know about you but I get mad at the tabloids (yep in particular the Daily Mail) squealing and squeaking about research that tells us one minute not to do something and the next minute to go ahead and do it.

The research I mean is always around food and drink and far from educating our poor obese nation, people just get more and more confused.

Today the papers tell us it's now OK to eat more than three eggs a week. They don't lead to high cholesterol. Well, yippee, because I certainly eat more than three eggs a week and my cholesterol levels are fine. But the paper says a lot of people still labour under the misapprension you shouldn't eat more than one egg a week because of previous research.

And there's still scepticism about the new research because it appears that the nutritionist involved was funded by the egg industry. So what should we believe?

The papers should be more responsible about how they use "scientific" research and hwo it was funded. The Mail in particular, which hates women, is forever running shock horror reports about the Pill and HRT and how red wine, chocolate, you name it, can increase the risk. Most of their research is taken from very small statistical surveys, without proper investment, so they shouldn't be taken seriously.

S I guess the jury's still out on eggs, but I'm going to carry on enjoying them anyway. Omelette anyone?

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