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Friday, April 10, 2009

The best time of year

Easter is a lovely time of the year. Two delicious days off seem to creep up on us without much warning and it usually augers the start of warm weather; the opening of attractions and stately homes for the summer season; the smell of grass and a feeling of optimism.

I much prefer Easter to Christmas. Easter has not been spoiled by over-commercialism, despite Sainsbury's efforts to only stock the giant Easter eggs this year - they are determined to supersize everything, at the expense of the nation's girth, to boost their profits.

Easter doesn't have the "gimme gimme" baggage which Christmas was blighted with many years ago. It's a relaxing peaceful time.

I often wish Easter had more traditions going for it other than hot cross buns, Easter eggs and simnel cakes (I bought my mum a wonderful cake from the famous Betty's of Harrogate). I saw a beautiful Easter wreath in one of the magazines but unfortunately it has sold out. And I regret the fact that religious TV programming has all but disappeared. No wonder the kids of today have no idea about why they get two days off. Schools are forever trying to be so "PC" that any traditions or religious or cultural nuances attached to this country are frowned upon.

So whatever you're doing this Easter, may it be going to church, gardening, crafting (!) or trying to keep querulous kids amused, have fun!

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