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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Greetings from Majorca

Finally figured out how to get "@" on the Spanish keyboard of the hotel PC, which means I can log onto Blogger. Well to be honest J figured it out in 2 secs so I should have asked him sooner (smart ass.)

So here we are in the old people´s home, as we call it: the Hotel Miramar in Port de Pollenca. It´s quite novel to be viewed as a youngster. Being witn an ageing demographic has its advantages: not too many raves or noise at night. But there is an undignified rush to the sunbeds every morning. I tell you, this lot could take on Linford Christie when it comes to getting the towels down at ungodly times of the morning. And they´re all British so no excuses about Germans.

The day is spent sitting in the hotel´s patio area. Sadly, no pool. The brochure painted a picture of a sandy beach, which is true except that it´s more like a marina and the sea is so shallow, with awful weed on the bottom, that swimming is virtually impossible.

In the evening we take it in turns to find a different restaurant. Unfortunately we peaked too soon by selecting the best 2 places early on (our hotel plus Iru). We like to try the Majorcan specialities. There was a real bonus on Tuesday night when we saw Elvis performing at the Hotel Danai. He wasn´t a great Elvis to be honest, he only briefly mimed to some of the songs. He was a comedian and mercilessly teased the audience and drank their drinks, prompting three stumpets with seven euro cocktails to stalk out in high dudgeon and two Germans to escape, the woman snivelling.

As you will see from J´s comment in my last post, we were considering going on the Orange Blossom Trail but I decided against it because of my unsuitable footwear. I´m now mulling over a trip to the Caves of Drac which includes (more interestingly) a trip to the Majorica pearl factory. Talk about "give and take" is so far hitting a stone wall with J who keeps saying I should go on my own. He is not a great one for coach trips and says one cave looks the same as any other, although when pressed couldn´t reveal when he last went to a cave.

Bit of a cloudy start today so will be sitting with the antiques on the verandah with a cappuchino and the papers until the clouds clear.

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