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Friday, June 19, 2009

Y Viva Espagna

We're off to sunny Spain.

Except that the forecast was an alarming "chance of rain" for Saturday and Sunday.

We always holiday in June and have always been lucky with the weather. Fingers crossed.

I find the process of going on holiday so stressful I really need the holiday once I get there. There's a constant cry of "what have you done with the.....?" "Have you seen the....?" in the morning as J starts charging endless numbers of gadgets. There's the cat to capture and transport to the cattery (and this morning she escaped from my clutches and it took me a while to recapture her). Then there's the bins to empty and any perishables to destroy. Long life milk to buy, as I have to have a cup of tea the minute I get home. Roses to dead head, plants to water.

We won't arrive until the early hours and then I will have to get up early because according to Trip Advisor, the hotel's sun bed spot on the beach only has four umbrellas so you have to get up early to bag them (yes I know it's bad but I couldn't tolerate the sun all day. And I did score as "partly German" on a Facebook quiz.)

You may find that a post appears as if by magic while I'm away, but that will be because I've scheduled one. I've been persuaded not to take a laptop with us and J keeps telling me I can use his new HTC smartphone thing (it's like an iPhone) but really, who would use one of those tiny keypads for fun?

Have fun dudes, see you soon!
Y Viva Espagna!

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