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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: Who goes? You decide

An intriguing results show tonight as two couples are eliminated. I'm going to make the bold claim that Kara and Scott will be the celebrities finding the exit sign.

Based on the judges' scores, the two lowest scoring couples were Gavin and Katya and Matt and Aliona.

I suspect however that Gavin and Matt probably have more fans than anyone else in the contest (with the exception of Pamela, who has built a  unique fan base) so I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of them stays. I would expect Scott to be the victim, and perhaps - here's a shocker - Kara.

She was the highest scorer and it will take a massive under performance by the public, but I still think it's possible, particularly if people who don't normally vote, like me, pick up the phone for their favourites. I actually voted for Matt last night because his routines have been thrilling, he's such a talented and nice guy, and the judges have under-scored him.

Scott peaked too soon and has been struggling to regain his form of three weeks ago. His Charleston was well executed but nothing exceptional. It won't hold in the memory in the way of the Chris Hollins / Ola Charleston, or even that of Pamela and James.

Kara is an interesting one. Having thrown herself the lifeline of an alleged romance with her partner, which always does well with the public, I still remain unmoved by her. To me, she looks like the product of a stage school background where dancing is a large part of the curriculum. She is an actress and very fit  (she featured in a health magazine recently.) So her "journey", to use that dreaded word, was less challenging than that of farmer, presenter and former gymnast Matt, or former comedienne turned psychologist Pamela.

Pamela is a complete revelation. Every week she turns in sensational routines and every week she remains joyful. Even in training, we rarely see her slumped and depressed. In these ageist times where everyone over the age of 50 tends to be dismissed as past it, particularly by the BBC,  I defy anyone to fail to be impressed by Pamela's energy, vivacity and youthfulness.


John said...

you are way off the mark here, Kara's Rumba to the classic Santana track was amazing, for its choregraphy and musicality, the best ever. Its the first time I've ever wanted to play back immediately a dance to watch again, unfortunately this wasn't possible as (I'm told) it would have thrown Gail out of synch with the live Twitter real time tweets she monitors throughout the show, including Erin! - yes really. So for me Kara, Pamela and Matt for the final with Scott and Gavin on Claudia's sofa Monday evening. J

Maggie May said...

Well, Kara did get through! Gavin has gone! Scott has gone (that surprised me.)
I hope Pamela wins! Would be good for the image women of a certain age and I feel she is the best dancer!
Lets hope the viewers vote fairly!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Laurie Harrison said...

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Laurie at Grandma Sez So

Rumtruffle said...

Just hopped by to visit and say Hi.
Not sure who will win strictly but at this stage they are all winners, I dont thnk I could do it!
Hopping via Follow Friday would love for you to hop on over and visit me back.
Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a fun fuilled new year.
Helen x