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Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting ready for Greece

Now....are  you a last minute holiday booker, or do you book a long time in advance?
I am very much in the latter camp. The summer holiday is always booked in January, when it's a bit flat after Christmas, and I then have several months to get ready. And progressively more excited. Preparation includes losing a few pounds (I buy clothes in a smaller size to make sure I do it) and accumulating various items and clothes. 

Top of the list:
- a new basket. It goes to the pool or beach with me along with a towel, ipod, earphones, sun lotions, comb, Kindle, etc. This year's basket  (left) was bought on a visit to my Mum's in Plymouth and was produced by the RHS.

- a new set of matching sponge bag and cosmetic and make-up bags
- At least 12 books: I usually read one a day on holiday. Thank goodness for the Kindle. It was no fun carrying 12 books.

- new flip flops and silver sandals.

- three new Saress(es) with a matching hat and hat band  (yes I know.....) These are  a great invention and ideal for wearing from pool to lunch. Unlike pareos or sarongs, these are very easy to put on and always look nice.

This year's wash bag

- sun lotions when they are two for the price of one, or half price. They're a complete rip off when you buy them abroad.

Once at the resort the first thing we buy is a lilo.  It gets left behind at the end of the holiday for someone else to enjoy.   I wonder what this year's lilo trend is?

I did a last minute holiday once, when I was living in Munich. A friend and I went to the airport and bought a holiday to Crete which was departing in three days. It was very cheap and the view from the room was the air conditoning plant. After that I resolved I would always try to book early when you have lots of choice. What's your approach?



Pearl said...

Sorry to say that as a landlord I don't get out much, fearing that the plumbing will choose my vacation as a good time to burst...

I do, however, have a friend in Florida, and when the prices are reasonable from Minneapolis, I can hop a plane and be there in three hours, hotel-expenses free...


Sharon J said...

I love the Saresses. What a good idea. I think I'll have to invest in one of those before my next beach holiday (although that won't be this year, I don't suppose).

Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

Oh, I am SOOOO envious. The spouse and I do very few full vacations, but we've mastered the quick 2-night getaway. (We live in the U.S., in New England, and this is the time of year when the weather is finally beautiful, so we stay close to appreciate it! There are many varied areas to see (mountains, seashore, city, etc.)

We tend to be very last-minute, since we can go during the week when availability is higher. It's nice because we can tailor our getaway to the weather forecast and to our mood.

fojoy said...

I am definitely a planner.
We pretty much start looking into our next trip the day after we get home from our last one.

Maggie May said...

You are well organised and obviously looking forward to Greece!
We've had to forgo holidays this year because of husband's chemo.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Caroline said...

Yep, I'm like you - like to get my hols booked well in advanced. This year's July holiday was booked last December, and October holiday was booked last November! Love looking forward to my holidays and planning what to take with me!

Olga said...

Remembering my visit to Greece, I can say it was one of the most pleasant and unique trips of my life. Your new beach bag is essential :) I always bring a whole bunch of books. I don't really read them, though, because life interferes with that process.

lucylastic said...

There's organised, and there's 'Gail-style' organised - I take my hat off to you!!! Love the pretty cosmetic bag - I am still dragging around something that came free with Cosmopolitan in about 1996!!! Time for an update methinks - wish I'd seen this 2 weeks ago BEFORE we went to Spain ;-) Lucy

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