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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some flotsam and jetsam

Hoorah for Princess Beatrice!
Showing the judgment and humour that has sadly eluded her parents all their life, Princess Beatrice has sold her much maligned RW hat on eBay, to raise money for charity. Could it be that Beatrice is going to show common sense and realism, in spite of her parents? Only a few days ago, Sarah, Duchess of York, was still spouting incomprehensible psycho-babble. "If I had a brand identity, it would be as a global mother." ??? Beatrice said she hoped whoever bought the hat would have as much fun with it as she had.

And hoorah for Twitter while we're about it
So many amusing tweets about the Premiership footballer and his affair with a Big Brother wannabe. There was talk that Ryan Giggs' solicitors were going to sue the 30,000 people on Twitter who had breached the Super Injunction (yep, that includes me). Another wag wrote that Ryan Giggs appears to be the only celebrity not being sued by the "mystery Premiership footballer".

I can't imagine the US owners of Twitter are quaking in their boots knowing that a few plummy English lawyers are apoplectic about their new cash cow, the Super Injunction, being proved worthless.  What can they actually do? They can hardly force the closure of Twitter. I for one am laughing at the way we, the good old British public, is having a laugh at the foibles of a foolish man who tried to cover up his folly by splashing the cash.

The unpredictable nature of cosmetic surgery
No wonder Sarah Jessica Parker has said she won't have cosmetic surgery because she doesn't want to end up looking mad. This week's photos of Marie Helvin, who has always maintained she's had nothing done (yeah, right) show her starting to look somewhat deranged. You'd think that with access to the best plastic surgeons that California has to offer, some of the maturing filmstars wouldn't look quite so dreadful. Faye Dunaway, for example, or Melanie Griffith  (although thankfully she is a little more restrained these days). It seems a bit of a lottery. You can either look wonderful, like Jane Fonda, Sharon Stone or Demi Moore, or rather weird, like Madonna, Cher, the Bride of Wildenstein and Ivana Trump. It's a pity they don't have a ratings system, like guest houses or Trip Advisor. Maybe that's a great idea for a new website.


crafty cat corner said...

Hi, Nice to have you visit my blog and to get a good comment, it always spurs me on when I get craft lethargy. lol
Cosmetic surgery?.... When I look at the lines I think, wouldn't it be lovely to get rid of these, I would look so much younger, but resorting to the knife..... no I don't thinks so. My Mr.T says I still look lovely (stars in his eye's I'm thinking) but I'll leave well alone...

Sharon J said...

Cher is the one I think looks worse. Her face looks like a Siamese cat caught in the litter tray.

Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

I plan to follow Beatrice's fine example and auction off my lines and wrinkles. I'm sure there's a worthy charity out there -- perhaps a group dedicated to helping over-Botoxed women now tragically unable to express their emotions?

Caroline said...

Great post, agreed with it all. Particularly the Twitter thing. Hopefully this will be the end of these ridiculous Super Injunctions - they are so wrong, it's incomprehensible.

fojoy said...

I just don't understand the process of injecting your face with a paralytic organism...
I'll take the wrinkles, thank you!

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