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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Beckhams: Get Over Yourselves!

We hear that the fine monument to modern taste, Beckingham Palace, occasional home of David and Victoria Beckham, is up for sale. But not for sale to just anybody. They don't want to sell to a developer  (even though they bought the mansion, real name Rowneybury House, from a developer. It had previously been a council children's home).

They want to sell it to a family who will "continue what we started."

I would imagine that any family with enough money to move into Beckingham Palace will probably want to impose their own taste on the gaff. They may well gut it and install subterranean underground basements (seems all the rage among the Saatchi / Lawson set in London).

I doubt if they will leave it as it is, a gleaming paean to the taste of former Leyton boy David and his wife, the former Spice Girl - one of our tackiest pop bands.

Perhaps there is a subliminal message as well that they don't have to rush into a quick sale. They can take their time to find the "right" buyer.

Really, the phrase that came to mind when I read about their plans was "Get over yourselves!"


Anita-Clare Field said...

Ooof I couldn't agree more, unbelievably arrogant. Why don't they donate it to a children's or incurable illness centre? I would in their position!

Jodene said...

I’m with you. I think if anyone moves into any house, they will want to make changes and turn that house into a “home”. Especially if someone can afford to purchase the Beckham house, I mean estate, can you imagine the possibilities?!...basements, moats, movie theater, bowling alley…...
~ Jodene