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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Garden in Spring

Finally! Spring has arrived and the bulbs are bursting into life, a vivid crescendo of colour.

I'm always slightly surprised by the different colours of my tulips, even though I buy new ones in a set colour scheme every year. Old ones linger  (I plant them in the border) and so there is every colour imaginable, but somehow for spring this is right.

This year I planted muscari and snake's head fritillary for the first time. Very pleased with both. "Must get more" is the memo to self.

The front border is heavy with the scent of hyacinths, blue, cream and white. There seem to be a lot more than I originally planted so they must be naturalising. How generous is nature's bounty!



Maggie May said...

Lovely Spring flowers. Its good to see them, isn't it?Yesterday was like a Summers day but today is much cooler & cloudy again.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Trevor Woodford said...

Yes...Spring does seem to have finally arrived...very nice images.