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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Internet Detritis

I chanced upon the long list of blogs "I follow." In reality, I haven't looked at most of them for years. And when I did, just now, most of them are sadly no more.

What happened after 2011 / 2012 when that last post appeared?

Did the owner get bored with blogging and move on to other things? One of the erstwhile bloggers abandoned his blog and started another, on a different theme, which is very successful.  Another had written the blog about her and her partner's quest for a baby to adopt. The blog was no longer needed when the baby came along. A crafting blog that I much admired now seems to have been taken over by someone selling cut price printers and ink, yet using the same crafting title.

I had another blog which has been abandoned. It was my "scrapping blog." I used to be an ardent paper crafter, making cards, constantly experimenting with different inks and paints and scrap booking. Work trips to America invariably included a detour to a shop or outlet where I could buy US supplies at half the price.

But then, one day, I suddenly asked myself what would happen to all the thick albums I had created, the chronicle of my life. I have what I refer to as "my archive" which starts from when I'm about seven years old and writing stories. I've no-one to leave it all to. When someone impatiently clears out my attic in a few years time, when I have shuffled off this mortal coil, the archive will unceremoniously end up on the tip.

And from that moment, I lost all interest in scrap booking, and with it, card making. I took up gardening instead.



Caroline said...

It's a bit spooky that this is the first time I've clicked onto your blog for several years and this is the post that I should find! I found a link to you in my own blog when re-reading old posts from 5 or 6 years ago, when you'd kindly passed on a blog award to me with some sort of tag. I'm ashamed to say that I couldn't remember who you were so I clicked across and here I am! (my blog was called What's Happening at My House back then - I've moved since, but I brought all my archive posts with me)

I agree about blogs that just stop - I would really like there to be some sort of explanation, and I think when people have taken the time to comment, sometimes over a period of years, it's only polite to give your readers some sort of 'thank you and goodbye'.

Anyway, nice to 'see' you again after all these years, Gail

Best wishes - Caroline

Maggie May said...

I've often wondered about the *friends* that are no longer blogging. Seems really sad that in most cases there is no closure.

I think sometimes we move on from our hobbies but it seems a pity to destroy all the beautiful crafts and things that were precious to you once and might well be precious to someone else one day. Who knows?
Good to have you back!
Maggie x

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