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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The addictive world of the blogger

When I first logged on to Blogger and decided to create a blog, it was easy enough to choose a template and just start writing. But then you become frustrated at not having any readers; you start to do some research, and before you know it, you're learning fast about rss feeds, spiders, tags, directories and so on.

Over the last few days I made some huge steps, simply by talking to a colleague of mine, Marc Alagem, who is a webmaster supreme and used to be in my team at Intel. Now, I don't know or write in HDML, and so I had no idea where to put my tags (which I knew I needed to become picked up by search engines). Marc kindly sent me the exact wording and where I needed to put it on my Blogger beta template.

Through the Blogger help group, I've also discovered various sites where you can promote your site, for example,, And I'm now found at, though sadly I have O feeds.

I'm also joining web communities, such as, and visiting similar blogs to mine to leave comments (I'm told it's a great opportunity to advertise your site).

It's all very exciting, albeit rather time-consuming. Still, anything to keep me away from that infernal card making.

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Henry said...

Hi, I saw your post on blog help groups so decided to visit your blog...

After reading this article I'm wondering whether it did make any significant changes to your blog visitors? Did viewers increase dramatically?

I'm very curious as I'm new in blogging and really don't know much about HTML programming. I am very much interested in joining blog feeds, etc but am not sure whether it will make any difference.


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