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Friday, November 03, 2006

M&S food ads are too tasty by half!

Somebody stop them! Those gorgeous, luscious Marks and Spencer food ads with Dervla Kirwan's seductive voiceover.

Such is the power of these ads, they even make you fancy food you wouldn't normally touch with a bargepole, viz a viz, from the latest ad, broccoli and leeks with a Stilton sauce.

Apparently every time a new campaign starts, M&S has record demand for the various items.

I imagine Sainsburys and Aldi must be as sick as the proverbial, because they both have new ads featuring close-ups of food, but neither look anywhere near as appetizing as those delicious morsels at M&S.

It's great that M&S have got their mojo back, not just with their ads across the board, (Twiggy et al), but with their fashions and homewares. If only they would improve the lighting in the ladies' changing rooms, they would sell even more stuff.

1 comment:

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

I thought it was really funny when Aldi started to do theirs! Actually I've found that M&S food isn't as good as it once was. And I've gone off Sainsbury's -why? Well when I was last in there, they had a staff announcement come over the tannoy, except that it was announced as "COLLEAGUE announcement". WHAT??? How Dave Brent is that?!!

Helena (Bob T Bear's "mum"!)