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Friday, January 26, 2007

Celebrity Big Brother limps to its boring conclusion

Another fine mess as Channel 4 cancel the voting so far because of an on-screen mistake which said "Save Shilpa" instead of "to evict Shilpa."

It's all a foregone conclusion because I'm sure Shilpa will win, either through the public vote (ideally) or simply through some deft manipulation of the figures by C4.

I don't normally vote but this week I was so determined to see the back of the evil Jo that I voted to evict her. And now my vote doesn't count!

It will be very interesting to see the response of Jo and Danielle when they're evicted and confronted with the foul footage of their bullying. In the case of Jo, she bullied Dirk as much as Shilpa.

I know people sneer at Celebrity BB, but to me it's still an interesting exercise in seeing the unravelling of the celebrities' personalities. Only the 'true' people, those with depth and emotion, come out of this unscathed. The 3-week scrutiny of the cameras never fails to expose the superficial, the selfish, the cowards and the bullies.

So as we limp to the end, we can see that Jermaine has scarcely changed since we first met him. Solid, dependable, dignified. Shilpa has also emerged as strong, consistent and genuine. For the rest, Ian "H" is shown to us as nervy, submissive and needy; Dirk as moody, self-pitying and misogynistic; Cleo as lonely, deluded (she thinks those characters are funny?) but basically well meaning, and Jo and Danielle as dull, boring, empty-headed, poorly educated and coarse. It doesn't always follow that celebrities exposed for negative personality aspects fall from grace. Jan Leeming seems to be doing OK, for example, because although she came across as needy and whiny, she also rose to the challenge of the trials with fortitude. But there's no positive take out for Jo and Danielle. Danielle has already lost her modelling contracts apparently, and been dumped by Teddy. Jo has less to lose and will presumably slip back into the obscurity from whence she came.

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