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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Those darned resolutions

I made a resolution to myself that there wouldn't be any resolutions this year, but somehow a few random thoughts were committed to a Word document, and before I knew it, I had a full page including "measured by" and "due date." Talk about making life hard for yourself!

The fist resolution, which I'm sure applies to most of us, is losing the Christmas ballast. Linked to that is being seen more than once a week at the gym (I sternly suggested at least twice a week), and only having crisps once a week, as a treat (and not after gym visits).

The next was to cut down on magazine expenditure. John accused me of spending £150 a month on magazines, which I pooh-poohed at the time, but it might be too close to the mark. I wrote in an earlier post about my magazine obsession, and how it's now extended to card & craft making titles (there are LOTS). So what I've decided to do is stop some of the women's monthlies and only have one weekly gossip rag; and select five of the best papercraft magazines.

Now on Tuesday, three of my chosen publications all came out on the same day, and I resolved to buy them individually on separate days, not all at once which is what I normally do. It was a bit like going cold turkey: I had to force myself to select one title, and when I went today to collect the second, I was terrified they may have sold out (they hadn't).

Then I have some resolutions around boring things like calendaring certain chores on a monthly basis. Cleaning the lean-to, for example, which is a chore that gets postponed until it's like dealing with Miss Havisham's house. I can't say I will relish the reminder when it pops up on a Friday to tell me that the lean-to tidying is scheduled for the next day.

Anyway, let's hope 2007 is a peaceful and prosperous New Year with plenty of challenges and lots of fun. I've already booked our June holiday (Cyprus) and John has organised four days in Boston for the marathon in April. I now want to book one of those "Strictly Come Dancing" weekends I've seen advertised, where you learn four ball room dances. So plenty to look forward to - and maybe even a new cat!

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