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Friday, January 19, 2007

Get Jade out

I sincerely hope the UK public will do the right thing tonight and vote out Jade Goody from Celebrity Big Brother.

I always had a soft spot for Jade. She was very funny in the BB series she was in ("am I an escape goat?")and since went on to do quite well. Better than the winners of most of the BB series.

But fame has gone to her head, and her warped sense of morals has come to the fore this week with her bullying of Shilpa.

I don't believe however that Jade is racist: she doesn't fit the demographic at all and is mixed race.

The worst protagonist of the whole sorry business is Danielle. Easily led by Jade, this ridiculous dimwit has made the most appalling statements and has been stirring things up. She deliberately misinterprets the situation to get Jade riled. For example, she told Shilpa that she didn't agree with some of the things she had said to Jade - but also she didn't agree with what Jade told Shilpa. This was repeated back to Jade as "I told her I didn't agree with some of the things she said to you." She also keeps repeating the incorrect statement that Shilpa accused Jade of being famous only for arguing with her. What Shilpa meant was that she was only famous because of a reality TV show. That's true enough.

When asked by BB about one of her outrageous statements, Danielle denied saying it, but then quickly back tracked, so she clearly realised the implications of what she had said as racist.

My assessment is that the three witches and Jack - the evil quartet - are all jealous of Shilpa and intimidated by her. They're all unemployed when all is said and done. Jade might boast about her achievements but lately they have become tarnished. Her beauty salon went bust; her recent fitness video was apparently a sham because she used liposuction, not diet or exercise, to deal with her weight problem, and then there was the London Marathon where she claimed she hadn't done any training.

Danielle claims to be a model, but she's a former beauty queen who takes her clothes off for Nuts and Zoo. Hardly a model.

Jo O'Meara used to be in a band but hasn't done anything since, and buys all her clothes in Primark.

Jack I believe is a full-time house husband.

So there you have it. Shilpa is beautiful, confident, successful. She is a degree controlling, but in the CBB house somebody needs to take control. It's a big disappointment that the "adults," Jermaine, Cleo and Dirk, have all shirked responsibility for getting the evil quartet in line. Jermaine came up with some pyschobabble about loving everyone, a shade too subtle for the likes of Jade and Danielle. Carole Malone would have sorted it.

I hope there's a rousing cry of "Get Jade Out" tonight, and I hope Danielle is next to go. Shilpa to win!

Oh, and I won't be watching it next year. Well past its sell by.

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