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Monday, March 30, 2009

Breathtaking stupidity of Jacqui Smith

As if Gordon Brown hasn't got enough to contend with this week with the G2O Summit and global warming, here is the ridiculous Jacqui Smith and her buffoon of a husband getting into hot water yet again and facing ridicule in the papers.

Apparently he downloaded two porn films and claimed for them as part of her Internet expenses.

It's not the first time this foolish pair have been in the news for the wrong reasons. She claimed her sister's nearby house was her main house of residence and was claiming for that, and a few years ago he was exposed for sending letters to the press in praise of his wife.

She now has no credibility at all and as such should be sacked from a government position.

You would think that after her first indiscretion with expenses, she would have scrutinised future claims with a fine tooth comb. Apparently her husband did the expenses and she signed them off. Does this slapdash attitude apply to her work as well?

And it's no good MPs squealing about privacy issues with their expense claims being exposed in the press. Thank goodness for a free press is all I can say. Who knows what else they would try to get away with!

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