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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Reasons to be Cheerful

I am but a simple soul. I can be made happy by the slightest of happenings. My three latest reasons to be cheerful are:
1) I discovered a very good website for contact lenses; you don't need to send your prescription and my daily disposables are now £15 - gasp - a month cheaper than when I was going to the place we should have gone to. This doesn't include aftercare and so on but unless you're a numpty you have a regular check-up anyway.
2) I got the new spring catalogue from Kettlewell Colours. I had "my colours done" many years ago, free of charge as it happens because I was a reviewing journalist then, and I am a clear Spring. I know a lot of people think it's bunkum but actually the spring colours do suit me best. Kettlewell produces great quality tops, t-shirts and sportswear in the colours of the four seasons, many of which you can't easily find. I have immediately ordered a fleece in Kelly green and tops in rose pink and leaf green. Their tops wash brilliantly and don't lose their shape.
3) When cleaning out my car, I was thrilled to find the car key I lost about 8 months ago. I've hunted high and low for it and colleagues gave me dire warnings that those keys cost around £200. Anyway, there it was, glinting away under my seat. So now I have a spare again!
That's me set up for the week. What good news have you had? I'm bored with all the bad news......

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