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Sunday, March 08, 2009

The scandal of the Big Eat

Now you would think that with all the fuss around obesity in Britain that fast food and snack manufacturers would be looking to their laurels and trying to do their bit (within reason - they obviously depend on lardasses for their profits).

Not Walker's Crisps, who are determined to make us buy their supersized bags, The Big Eat and Grab Bag. I like the occasional packet of Quavers at a modest calorie cost of 89. But in my local Sainsbury's, they only have the large bags. And as every dieter knows, there is a huge difference between 89 calories and whatever the bloater sized bag is (I am too appalled to look it up). I tried Sainsbury's petrol station next door but same story.

Meanwhile, I noticed in Reading Services last week that they only had Grab Bags.

I realise that Walkers have "low fat" varieties but they taste like cardboard, which is why I have downsized from normal crisps to Quavers.

I appreciate it's doing wonders for Walkers' margins, but they should be pulled up. Or at least if retailers insist on stocking supersized snacks, they should stock the normal variants too. I'm certainly boycotting the giant snacks, along with Chris Evans on Radio 2.

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