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Monday, July 13, 2009

All aboard the Michael Jackson bandwagon

There are 15 books about to be published on Michael Jackson. The first is published today and according to BBC Breakfast News, it's broken the record for being written and published in 2 weeks from start to finish. Apparently, and Harper Collins were quite unabashed about this, a freelance writer was incarcerated in a room until he had written "new material" so they could be the first to cash in on Jackson's demise.

I'm intrigued to know what new material can be generated sitting in a room. A "re-interpretation" of recent press articles I would suspect. Last night's Channel 4 documentary about "what really happened to MJ" was a waste of time. Some reporter who claims to have known MJ well, who had the most monotonous voice in christendom, took us to places where he rehearsed and talked to the people running AEG. And guess what? Nobody told us anything new. The title of the programme was grossly misleading.

I'm not going to buy any books on Michael Jackson until there is one that quotes definitively all the members of his family (including his father), the children and parents who were involved in the legal actions, his two ex-wives, his superstar friends Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli, doctors who were treating him at the time of his death and the pathologist who did the post mortem. In other words, the only people who actually know the truth.

I won't be buying any books from tell lurid tales patched together from former mnagers, former agents, former dancers or former nannies.

Wendi was robbed

We were gutted that Wendi Peters lost out on winning Celebrity Masterchef. Jayne Middlemiss should never have won. Didn't the judges take into account all her histrionics and tears every time she had to step outside of her confort zone? I am beginning to wonder if Messrs Torode and Wallace are unduly influenced by female charm, given that last year's winner Liz McClarnon was someone who had never even cooked before she turned up in the contest --- and just happens to be a gorgeous blonde.

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